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The French documentary Night and Fog mentioned the existence of concentration camp brothels as early as 1955.

This film, by director Alain Resnais, included extensive original footage of the camps and was based on interviews with survivors.

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One way to help survivors recover is to provide opportunities for them to become economically independent in a sustainable way.

The one in Neuengamme was established in early 1944, Dachau's in May 1944, Dora-Mittelbau's in late summer, and Sachsenhausen's on 8 August 1944. Sometimes the SS enticed women into serving in the brothels by promising them more humane treatment or reductions of their indefinite sentence.

This caused anger or envy among some female inmates.

In World War II, Nazi Germany established brothels in the concentration camps (Lagerbordell) to create an incentive for prisoners to collaborate, although these institutions were used mostly by Kapos, "prisoner functionaries" and the criminal element, because regular inmates, penniless and emaciated, were usually too debilitated and wary of exposure to Schutzstaffel (SS) schemes.

In the end, the camp brothels did not produce any noticeable increase in the prisoners' work productivity levels, but instead, created a market for coupons among the camp VIPs.

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Standard disclaimer: The advice here applies equally to men and women, regardless of pronoun usage.

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Transgender people choose not to do could share in that sphere of life and rightfully so, as he long distance as part of world.

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